Few subjects are as difficult to photograph as food, and no photographer has found greater success at mastering the nuances than Peter Pioppo. Not content to simply shoot his subjects, he transforms them into objects of desire. A bulk bag of burritos becomes a delicious must-have lunch. A scoop of ice cream beckons with just the right fudge swirl. Peter has never met food or drink from which he could not coax the best.

Peter’s intimacy with food originated in his childhood home, which he shared with his Italian grandfather and his French grandmother. In the family kitchen, Peter learned the artistry of cooking. When not in the kitchen, Peter’s father, a designer/art director and very competent amateur photographer, trained him in the use of his Hasselblad, teaching his son how a photographer doesn’t just take a picture, he makes an image.

Combining these two passions, Peter has built a unique career working with the most recognizable names in the culinary and beverage worlds, innovating ways to turn transient consumables into distinctive packaging, high-impact advertising and groundbreaking art. Peter not only works brilliantly behind the camera; his creative problem-solving in front of the lens has earned him a reputation as an on-set MacGyver.

His inimitable style has brought him numerous awards, including a Golden Clio for his packaging work for Breyer’s All-Natural Ice Cream. His photography has been featured in Food Arts, New York magazine, The New York Times, and Bon Appetit. Commercial clients have included practically every major producer of food in America, and Peter has shot hundreds of products for Greenway, Wholesome Goodness, Edy’s/Dreyers, Ben & Jerry’s and Turkey Hill Dairy, as well as work for Nestlé and Cointreau.

Peter continues to enthusiastically embrace the unpredictable adventure that he has made his specialty.